In The Mood  CPVCD1401

Big City Rhythm vol 2, click on picture to hear samples...
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Various Artists
10th Year Anniversary  CPVCD1301

Big City Rhythm vol 2, click on picture to hear samples...
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CeePeeVee Records is celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary,1997-2007

with this fantastic release with 22 unreleased songs from "the vaults". On this limited edition CD you will hear very fine blues-artists like: Sven Zetterberg, Knock Out Greg, Harmonica Henry, Phil Trigwell, Thomas Grahn, Sture Elldin, Danny & The Cappers, Thomas Hammarlund, Blues Down Town, Mathias Anderse'n, Jakob Norgren, Conny Aidanpää, Joakim Barcheus and more…...The 20-page booklet contains "The CeePeeVee Records Story" and some fine b/w photos of the artists.




Emil & The Ecstatics

Big City Rhythm vol 2, click on picture to hear samples...
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Emil & The Ecstatics is today mentioned as one of the top blues-acts in Sweden, with splendid reviews of the selftitled debut album, and now with their first release on CeePeeVee Records – "Legacy".

The unique mix of blues and soul, Emil’s powerful voice and blue guitar, a boiling pot of Hammond organ-bass-drums, topped with great visual livesapperences. The band have been welcomed with standing ovations from audiences all over Europe - Germany, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and last but not least from the compatriots in Sweden.



Various Artists

Big City Rhythm vol 2, click on picture to hear samples...
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"CeePeeVee Records is proud to present this second volume of contemporary blues from Stockholm, Sweden.

Some of the musicans from Volume One you´re about to hear again, but we´re also happy to have some new artists included here - from worldwide known bluesmen Sven Zetterberg, Knock-Out Greg and Thomas Grahn to the talented rookie Mathias Andersén. And - this time with 100% original material!"




Various Artists

Big City Rhythm vol 1, click on picture to hear samples...
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"CeePeeVee Records is proud to present this first volume of Contemporary blues from Stockholm, Sweden. It's a compilation with a lot of surprises and some spotlight on sidemen from big Swedish acts like Sven Zetterberg, Knockout Greg & Blue Weather, Blue Hammer, Trickbag, Harmonica Henry & the Blues Rockers, Marino & the King Five, Emil & the Ecstatics, Danny & the Cappers and more..."





Danny & The Cappers
Walk Right In  CPVCD901

Danny & The Cappers CD Walk Right In, click on picture to hear samples...
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"DANNY, well known prodigy to the Swedish blues audience has after 2 albums and over 300 gigs with The Young Guns started the jump blues band of his dreams: THE CAPPERS!

He teamed up with some of his favorite musicians and best friends, to form a small Rhythm & Blues combo with a big sound. Already from the start, the band became somewhat of a sweetheart to the members, who during their first rehearsal were so blown away that they just couldnt stop. They surely felt that this was something special, and if not the blisters on their hands gave them away.This band will take you right back to the jumping sound of L.A.`s Central Avenue clubs. So, if youre looking for a band that will make you scream & shout: bring your friends, wear your finest dancing shoes and jump your blues away!

- Anna Bergman. August 2003

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Various Artists
Back To Their Roots      CPVCD801

CD Back To Their Roots

Sound clips
in FLASH (1min, 280kb)

Knock Out Greg- I Don't Know
Thomas Grahn- Love That Woman
Thomas Hammarlund - Come Into My Arms
Sven Zetterberg - You Ought To Be Ashamed
K.O. Greg & Sven Zetterberg - Little By Little

"A historical blues journey, with four of Sweden's finest artists on the blues scene, performing songs they'll never forget, songs that highly influenced them when they first started to play."

This new CD named " BACK TO THEIR ROOTS " including SVEN ZETTERBERG voc/gtr/hca, KNOCK-OUT GREG voc/gtr/hca, THOMAS GRAHN voc/hca/gtr, & THOMAS HAMMARLUND voc/gtr, in the lead possision. You will also find another 8 great musicians from Swedish blues-scene in the rhythm-section like: Marcus "Little Marc" Andersson/Knock-Out Greg & Blue Weather, Fredrik "Freguz" Gustafsson/Sven Zetterberg Bluesband, Claes Parmland/Blues Down Town, David Heikkinen/Danny & The Cappers, Björn Viitanen/Trick Bag, Lars Näsman/Sam Rocket & The Blues Prisoners, Tommy "JT" Holmström/Banana Oil" and Hans Ericsson/Emil & The Ecstatics".

The CD is recorded "live in studio" at Per Ängqvist's, now by international fame, REAL MUSIC STUDIO out in Bromma, without any overdubs, like a recording session should be!


Blues Down Town
Everlasting Blues       CPVCD701

Blus Down Town CD Everlasting Blues

Sound clips
in mp3 (1min, 720kb)

Mississippi Steamboat
Bad Luck Boy
Bayou Bounce
Everlasting Love

"The Blues Down Town story continues with the release of this new album which coincides with the band's 20th anniversary. Two good reasons for celebration!

As with previous albums by Blues Down Town this new album contains a nice mix of Chicago blues tracks and other styles showing to great advantage the band's versatility, songwriting abilities and strong sense for the real thing. To amplify the anniversary two livetracks, one vintage and one new, are included as bonus material on the album. In addition some great guests appear on this album namely Marcus "Little Marc" Andersson from "Knock-Out Greg and the Blue Weather" on drums, Fredrik "Mighty Fred" Gustafsson who plays with Sven Zetterberg Blues Band on piano and Jakob "Big Jake" Norgren from Danny & The Cappers on tenor- and barytonsaxophone."

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Sture Elldin
And His Bluesharp  CPVCD601

Sture Elldin CD ...And His Bluesharp

Sound clips in mp3 (1min, 238kb)
Two Headed Woman
Out On The Road

"His tone is awesome." -Sven Zetterberg

"Sture Elldin plays in a style that is rearely heard nowadays. His trademark is an extremely fat and compressed tone, almost only heard by greats as Walter Horton. His phrasing is suggestive in its simplicity - he can repeat a sequence over and over until you're mesmerized. He is a truly powerful interpreter of the Chicago blues tradition."
-Jan Sjöström, Harmonica Henry & The Blues Rockers

"This guy's got something to tell you by the way his razor-sharp tone cuts you deep into your soul."
-Lasse Ohlsson, The Nightcats

"Sture's steady flow of big blue notes is heavy weight harpblowin." -Stefan Dafgård, The Instigators

"Big tone harp! In short the bluest blues..."
-Thomas Grahn, Blues Down Town

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Blues Down Town
Downtracked       CPVCD501

Blus Down Town CD Downtracked

Sound clips in RealAudio

Blues Obsession
Tighten Up On It
I Walked The Streets

"On this,their third album for the CeePeeVee Record label, them gentlemen in the band prove their affection for South Side and West Side Chicago Blues, reflected in the co-mingling of wellknown stuff like "The Same Thing" and "Stockyard Blues", with some selfpenned tunes in the same tradition. One can also note that on this new disc the Blues Down Town band goes somewhat further beyond their core style with thrilling performances of jumpblues, various southern styles and swampblues in the Louisiana tradition, all treated with feeling and respect."

"The fabulous guests featured on this album namely Per "Stockholm Slim" Notini on piano and Tommy "J.T." Holmström on tenor saxophone, strongly contribute to the outcome of the session. "Stockholm Slim" has been around since the early 60´s and is perhaps best known for his pianowork on singer/ guitarist Magic Sam´s groundbreaking album"West Side Soul", recorded in Chicago 1967 and issued on the Delmark label. Slim has also toured and recorded with R&B stars like Nappy Brown and Ruth Brown to name a few. "J.T." Holmström is also a veteran on the music scene and has been blowing his horn in a number or the leading R&B and bluesbands. It´s a plesure to have these guys performing on this new album!"

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Various Artists
Horton's Briefcase  CPVCD401
CD Hortons Briefcase

On this very unique CD you will hear the cream of the crop of sweden´s bluesplayer´s, such as: Sven Zetterberg, Jan "Harmonica Henry" Sjöström, Thomas Grahn, Greger "Knock-Out Greg" Andersson, Stefan Dafgård, Sture Elldin, Anders Lewe´n, Claes Parmland, Hank Jansson, Mika Savinainen, Stephan Rosenberg, Ulf Sandström, Göran Svenningsson, Alf Östlund, Björn Viitanen, Marcus "Little Mark" Andersson, Pelle Piano, Thomas "Mr.Blue" Hammarlund, Lennart Fagerström, Tomas Prim, Michael Johansson, Erik Qvick and last but not least Magnus Lanshammar.

Big Walter Horton (1918-1981) was recognized as one of the best blues harmonica players of all time. Nearly twenty years after his death a tribute record dedicated to the memory of him is being released with swedish musician´s performances of well known and less known tunes which Horton recorded as a soloist or as a sideman.


Sound clips in RealAudio

Harmonica Player Tune
Sven Zetterberg Little Boy Blue
Jan Sjöström Easy
Thomas Grahn Everybody's Fishin
Greger Andersson Have A Good Time
Stefan Dafgård West Winds Are Blowing
Sture Elldin Back Home To Mama

Harmonica Henry & the Bluesrockers
Harp Rumble       CPVCD301

Harmonica Henry & The Blues Rockers CD Harp Rumble


JAN HENRY SJÖSTRÖM, HANK JANSSON and STEFAN SUNDLÖF have during the last two decades acquired a well established position on the Scandinavian bluesscene mainly trough their many years in the CHICAGO EXPRESS, characterised as a band of world class.But the story of the BLUES ROCKERS started a bit earlier.Already in 1975 Sjöström and Jansson formed the group.

Sjöström has with his powerful and deep harmonica, joined the high ranks of international harp players. He has been the driving force for the Swedish blues since the seventies. The press has called the band one of Scandinavias foremost bluesbands.

Sound clips in RealAudio
This Old Life
Baby You Better Listen

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Blues Down Town
Evil Chaser       CPVCD201
Blus Down Town CD  Evil Chaser

This is their second album for the CeePeeVee label.Them cats play the deep blues and put their own brand on the material. On this new album you can enjoy some older songs and some new originals, all treated the Blues Down Town way. This is pure and straight from the heart.


Sound clips in RealAudio
Garbage Man
Deep Down South


Blues Down Town
State of Blue       CPVCD101

Blus Down Town CD State Of Blue

April 1, 2006: CPVCD101 Out Of Stock
Our very first record, Blues Down Town - State of blue, is sold out and can't be ordered no more.

The Blues Down Town story started in 1983 when Tomas Prim and Thomas Grahn founded the group in Stockholm,Sweden. The current lineup took shape in 1992 and the band has during the years developed and refined a distinct sound. With the lionpart of the material being selfpenned the band now takes another step in shaping their interpretation of the blues but with a close approach to the more traditional styles and styles and sound of the Chicagoblues and southern/ westcoast blues styles.


Sound clips in RealAudio
Cross My Fingers
Lifetime Blues